CBSE Schools In Sikkim

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S. No. Name Location Address
1.Army Public School Libing Post Tadong Gangtok Sikkim
2.Assam Rifles School Pegong North Sikkim
3.Bahai’S School Tadong Gangtok Sikkim
4.Burul Secondary School P.O.Namphing, Burul, South Sikkim, Sikkim-737134
5.C M Rai Government Secondary School Omchu, P.O. Bok, Via Namchi, South Sikkim
6.Daffodil’S Home Sec. School Development Area,
7.Dav Public School Rangit H E Project Rangit Nagar South Sikkim
8.East Point Senior Secondary School Gohitar, P.O. Singtam, East Sikkim
9.Eklavya Model Residential School Swayam, North Sikkim, Sikkim
10.Eklavya Model Residential School Gangyap, West Sikkim, Sikkim
11.Enchey Sr Sec School Rajbhawan Gangtok Sikkim
12.Government Junior Secondary School Manul North Sikkim
13.Government Secondary School Lingcheg, P.O. Singtam Bazar, East Sikkim
14.Government Secondary School P.O. Rolep, Via Rongli, East Sikkim
15.Government Secondary School Maghjhi, East Sikkim
16.Government Secondary School Chuba, Po Perbing, South Sikkim
17.Government Secondary School Kabray, P.O. Namthang Bazaar, South Sikkim
18.Government Secondary School Tingley, P.O. Berbing, Namchi, South Sikkim
19.Government Secondary School Kamrang, P.O. Namchi, Distt. South Sikkim
20.Government Secondary School Hathidhungh, West Sikkim
21.Government Secondary School Melli Aching P.O., Via Gyalshing, West Sikkim
22.Government Secondary School P.O. Pelling, West Sikkim
23.Government Secondary School Mukurung, P.O. Dentam Bazar, West Sikkim
24.Government Secondary School Tikpur, P.O. Sambaria, West Sikkim
25.Government Secondary School Lungchok, West Sikkim
26.Government Secondary School Middle Geyzing P.O., West Sikkim
27.Government Secondary School Pakkigaon, P.O. Malbasey, West Sikkim
28.Government Sr. Secondary School P.O. Bojoghri, East Sikkim
29.Government Sr. Secondary School Legship, West Sikkim
30.Govt Girls Sr. Sec School Namchi South Sikkim
31.Govt High School Tashiding Via- Sinek West Sikkim
32.Govt Rangchang Sec School Ralong South Sikkim
33.Govt Sec School Nandok Po- Ranipool East Sikkim
34.Govt Sec School Sudunglakha East Sikkim
35.Govt Sec School Amba, East Sikkim, Sikkim
36.Govt Sec School Ahopulkishan, Po Ranipool, East Sikkim
37.Govt Sec School Pachey,Po Pakyong, East Sikkim
38.Govt Sec School Martam East Sikkam
39.Govt Sec School Lingtam Via Rongli East Sikkim
40.Govt Sec School Tumin Po Tumin East Sikkim
41.Govt Sec School Singtam East Sikkim
42.Govt Sec School Padamchey Po Pachak East Sikkim
43.Govt Sec School Pacheykhani Po Pacheykhani Distt East Sikkim Sikkim
44.Govt Sec School Sichey Po Gangtok East Sikkim
45.Govt Sec School Middle Camp East Sikkim
46.Govt Sec School Phadamchen Via- Rongli East Sikkim
47.Govt Sec School Tingboong North Sikkim
48.Govt Sec School Po - Lingdong Via- Mangan North Sikkim
49.Govt Sec School Singhik Via- Mangan North Sikkim
50.Govt Sec School Tingchim, Nth Sikkim
51.Govt Sec School Phensang North Sikkim
52.Govt Sec School Heegyathang Dt- Mangan North Sikkim
53.Govt Sec School Kalzang North Sikkim
54.Govt Sec School Chungthang Dt- Mangan North Sikkim
55.Govt Sec School Aho Shanti Po East Sikkim
56.Govt Sec School Bikmat Rateypani Via- Melli South Sikkim
57.Govt Sec School Nandugaon South Sikkim
58.Govt Sec School Lingmo Kolthang Via- Singtam South Sikkim
59.Govt Sec School Damthang South Sikkim
60.Govt Sec School Vok Via- Namchi South Sikkim
61.Govt Sec School Melli Bazar Po Melli Bazar South Sikkim
62.Govt Sec School Govt. Sec. School, Syaplya Sardary, East Sikkim, P.O West Pendam, Via Singtam, East Sikkim, Sikkim-737134
63.Govt Sec School Sangmoo, Southn Sikkim
64.Govt Sec School Maniram Via Namchi South Sikkim
65.Govt Sec School Namthang Via- Rangpo South Sikkim
66.Govt Sec School Tingmoo Po Tingmo Via Kewzing South Sikkim
67.Govt Sec School Nehbroom Po Nehbroom Via Makha South Sikkim
68.Govt Sec School Sanganath South Sikkim
69.Govt Sec School Turuk South Sikkim
70.Govt Sec School Rong South Sikkim
71.Govt Sec School Ben South Sikkim
72.Govt Sec School Pabong Po Pabong Basty South Sikkim
73.Govt Sec School Jorethang South Sikkim
74.Govt Sec School Sumbuk Via- Melli South Sikkim
75.Govt Sec School Okhrey West Sikkim
76.Govt Sec School Lingchom West Sikkim
77.Govt Sec School Gerethang Po- Tashiding West Sikkim
78.Govt Sec School Timburbung West Sikkim
79.Govt Sec School Gangyap, Po Arithang, Khongrong,Tashiding, West Sikkim
80.Govt Sec School Chotasamdong, West Sikkim, Po Aurobotay
81.Govt Sec School Sopakha, Busty, Po Uttarey, Dist-Gyalshing, West Sikkim
82.Govt Sec School Labdang, Po Tashiding, Dist, Gyalshing, West Sikkim
83.Govt Sec School Dodak West Sikkim
84.Govt Sec School Ribdi West Sikkim Sikkim
85.Govt Sec School Khandu Po Dentam Bazar West Sikkim
86.Govt Sec School Gelling O Chakung Distt West Sikkim
87.Govt Sec School Kamling Po Suldeing Via Nayabazar West Sikkim
88.Govt Sec School Khaniserbang West Sikkim
89.Govt Sec School Zoom West Sikkim
90.Govt Sec School Uttarey West Sikkim
91.Govt Sec School Khechuheri West Sikkim
92.Govt Secondary School Duga Via- Rangpo East Sikkim
93.Govt Secondary School Aritar East Sikkim
94.Govt Secondary School Dalapchand East Sikkim
95.Govt Secondary School Lower Samdong East Sikkim Sikkim
96.Govt Secondary School Lower Sumin East Sikkim
97.Govt Secondary School Sirwani Po Singtam East Sikkim
98.Govt Secondary School Pabyuik Po Pabyuik East Sikkim
99.Govt Secondary School Linkey Po - Biring Via- Ranipool East Sikkim
100.Govt Secondary School Gor North Sikkim
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