CBSE Schools In Chandigarh

View list of CBSE affiliated schools located in Chandigarh. Click on the name of the school to view detailed information about the school like contact number, affiliation ID, email ID etc.

S. No. Name Location Address
1.Aanchal International School Sector 41-D
2.Air Force Regional School 12-Wing Air Force Station Chandigarh
3.Air Force School Sector 31-D Chandigarh
4.Ajit Karam Singh International Public School Aksips-45Sect 45 A
5.Ajit Karam Singh International Public School Sector 41 B Chandigarh
6.Ankur School Panjab University Campus Sector-14 Chandigarh
7.Ashiana Public School Sector-46 A Chandigarh
8.Bal Niketan Model School Sector-37A Chandigarh
9.Bhavan’S Vidyalaya Sector 27 B Madhya Marg Chandigarh
10.Carmel Convent School Sector 9B Chandigarh
11.Chandigarh Baptist School Sector 45-D Chandigarh
12.Chitkara International School Udyog Path, Sector- 25 West
13.D A V College Sector 10-D Chandigarh
14.D A V Public School Sector 8-C Chandigarh
15.D.C. Montessi School Pocket-Ii & Iii, Mmj, Manimajra
16.Dav Model School Sector-15A Chandigarh
17.Dav Sr Sec School (Lahore) Sector-8 C Chandigarh
18.Delhi Public School Sector 40 C Chandigarh
19.Divya Public School Sector - 44 D, Chandigarh
20.Government Model High School Sector 38 (West), U.T. Chandigarh
21.Government Model High School Vikas Nagar, Mauli Jagran, Chandigarh
22.Govt High School Mauli Colony P O Manimajra Chandigarh
23.Govt Girls Sr Sec School Sector 8B Chandigarh
24.Govt Girls Sr Sec School Sector-20B Chandigarh
25.Govt Girls Sr Sec School Sector-23A Chandigarh
26.Govt Girls Sr Sec School Sector-18 C Chandigarh
27.Govt High School Sect 52, Chandigarh
28.Govt High School Maloya Colony. Chandigarh
29.Govt High School V & P O Badheri Sector 41 Chandigarh
30.Govt High School Kaimbwala, Chandigarh
31.Govt High School Karsan Chandigarh
32.Govt High School Sector-40A Chandigarh
33.Govt High School Indira Colony, Manimajara, Chandigarh
34.Govt High School Behlana Chandigarh
35.Govt High School Sarangpur Chandigarh
36.Govt High School Hallomajra Chandigarh
37.Govt High School Lahora Chandigarh
38.Govt High School Sector 30A Chandigarh
39.Govt High School Sect-19D Chandigarh
40.Govt High School Sector-25 Chandigarh
41.Govt High School Sector 11A Chandigarh
42.Govt High School Sect -32 D Chandigarh
43.Govt High School Sector 46 Chandigarh
44.Govt High School Sect-29-B Chandigarh
45.Govt High School Sect-28C Chandigarh
46.Govt High School Daria Chandigarh
47.Govt High School Sector 47 A Chandigarh
48.Govt High School Colony No 4 Industrial Area Chandigarh
49.Govt High School Sect 38B Chandigarh
50.Govt High School Sect 24 A Chandigarh
51.Govt High School Khajheri V P O Badheri Chandigarh
52.Govt High School Sect-35D Chandigarh
53.Govt High School Dadu Majra Chandigarh
54.Govt High School Vill Khuda Alisher P O Nada Chandigarh
55.Govt High School Sect. 54, Chandigarh
56.Govt High School (A Smart School) Sec. 50B, Chandigarh
57.Govt Model High School Sec-45 C, Chandigarh
58.Govt Model High School Village Khudda Jassu, Chandigarh
59.Govt Model High School Sect 38D Chandigarh
60.Govt Model High School Sect-37D Chandigarh
61.Govt Model High School Sector 7 Chandigarh
62.Govt Model High School Sect-22C Chandigarh
63.Govt Model High School Sector 26 Chandigarh
64.Govt Model High School Sect-41 Badheri Chandigarh
65.Govt Model High School Mani Majra Chandigarh
66.Govt Model High School Sector-34-C Chandigarh
67.Govt Model High School Sector - 31-C, Chandigarh
68.Govt Model High School Sector-36D Chandigarh
69.Govt Model High School Sect 43 - A Chandigarh
70.Govt Model High School Sector 44 B Chandigarh
71.Govt Model High School Sector 42 Chandigarh
72.Govt Model High School Sect-29A Chandigarh
73.Govt Model High School Sector 39-C Chandigarh
74.Govt Model High School Sector 25 Chandigarh
75.Govt Model High School Sect 12 Chandigarh
76.Govt Model High School Sector 26 B D Colony Chandigarh
77.Govt Model High School-1 Dhanas, U.T., Chandigarh
78.Govt Model School Sect 28 D Chandigarh
79.Govt Model Sr Sec School Sector-47 D Chandigarh
80.Govt Model Sr School Sect 32-C Chandigarh
81.Govt Model Sr Sec School Sect-22A Chandigarh
82.Govt Model Sr Sec School Sector-23 A Chandigarh
83.Govt Model Sr Sec School Manimajra Chandigarh
84.Govt Model Sr Sec School Sect 27C Chandigarh
85.Govt Model Sr Sec School Sect 16 Chandigarh
86.Govt Model Sr Sec School Sect-19C Chandigarh
87.Govt Model Sr Sec School Sector-37B Chandigarh
88.Govt Model Sr Sec School Sector 10 A Chandigarh
89.Govt Model Sr Sec School Sector-35 D Chandigarh
90.Govt Model Sr Sec School Sector-46 D Chandigarh
91.Govt Model Sr Sec School Sector 40 Chandigarh
92.Govt Model Sr Sec School Sector 33D Chandigarh
93.Govt Model Sr Sec School Sector-21 A Chandigarh
94.Govt Model Sr. Sec. School Sect-20 D Chandigarh
95.Govt Model Sr. Sec. School Sarangpur Ut Chandigarh
96.Govt Secondary High School Malaya Chandigarh
97.Govt Sr Sec School Mauli P.O. Raipur Kalan Chandigarh
98.Govt Sr Sec School Sector-15C Chandigarh
99.Govt Sr Sec School Dadu Majra Colony Sector 38 W Chandigarh
100.Govt Sr Sec School Sector-20 D Chandigarh
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